Christmas simple wish list

Dear Santa,

No socks. No cds. No DVDs. No scarfs. Less fat. No José Rodrigues dos Santos. No Miguel Sousa Tavares. No Porco preto. No Jamie Oliver´s. No subscriptons of Avante!. Not to be introduced to more people named Urraca, Francisca/o, Tomás, Bruna, Maria, Constança, Dinis. Instant immigration to all the Nemetati and Narbasi sons/daughters (They make me sick all day). Something from Stephen Fry. No more epicure visitors at home. A teleporter. No game consoles. No mp3 devices. A moog. 1 or 2 ROTFL urban legends. A white embroidered Kameez. An aerogel sponge. A levitron lampe. New Knee caps cartilages. A nun costume. Wet kisses. Best wishes. A red mamboo (it´s a plush vulture). An hello kitty band aids box. A Prius. 10 boxes of snus. A new motherboard ( for the computer!). Makura-Nage with family and friends. A pachinko machine. Paté Chinois. Anything from Pylones. One or two cicisbeos. Nice stuff from Etsy. Donations to serious NGO´s. Instant self explosion for people saying Iberia. A metropolis action figure. Trip to a meteorite crater. No blatant people. Canadian Music. Happy children. Ultrasonic device for dog bark stopping. Madonna´s purple penetrator. Buttermilk. The story of plankton (bang on the door). No carbon bonds. No segway.Trike. No complete peanuts. Trip to Kiribati, Oman or the Svalbard archipelago. Publish my full DNA sequence. No Poverty.

Paper tissues holder from easter island



Blogger c said...

o remate final, "no poverty", é muito bom.

6:22 pm  

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