Best Music 2007

Ahead of all the end of the year balance publications I decided to share with you my 2007 best music albums now - I do not expect anything exceptional to appear in the shops between now and new years eve. List does not include Jazz and Classical music.

Canada is hot hot. The good music is more and more coming from Canada ( Yes those guys portrayed in South Park talking with dismembering mandibles) and is not just the Arcade Fire. My choices include Caribou, Handsome furs, The new Pornographers, Sunset rubdown, Blonde Redhead (2 members grew up in Montreal). Shamefully the
Yeasayer do not have an album yet.

Outstanding (the first 3 are a must have):

  • José Gonzalez- In our Nature - (Perfection achieved. My nr 1)
  • PJ Harvey - White Chalk -(the Queen is back)
  • Blonde Redhead - 23
  • Bat for Lashes- Fur and Gold -(outstanding first album)
  • Beirut -Flying cup - (even if the first previous album was better)
  • Caribou -Andorra
  • Electrelane -No shouts, No calls- (probably their last album together)
  • Iron & Wine- The sheperds dog- ("white tooth man" is memorable)
  • Of Montreal- Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer
  • The new pornographers- Challengers
  • Battles- Mirrored - (Debut album for math rock band. Fringe stuff)
  • They might be giants - Else. (Sing-along stuff)

Not quite, But almost (exceptional albums that are not outstanding):

  • Radiohead - In rainbows
  • Andrew Bird -Armchair Apocrypha
  • Animal collective - Strawberry Jam
  • Clap your hands say yeah- Some loud thunder -(love "Satan said dance")
  • Wooden shjips- Wooden Shjips- (This is an outstanding album except for that 10 minutes long boring last song that spoils everything. Sounds like the Doors in the 21st century.)
  • Handsome furs- Plague park (promising first album)
  • Arcade fire- Neon Bible.
  • The National- Boxer- (Cosy).
  • The white stripes- Icky thump- (Jack white voice is glamorously sexy!)

Quite Entertaining ( will i remember it one year from now?):

  • Klaxons- Myths of the near future- (outstanding light pop first album)
  • Interpol - Our love to admire
  • Misha- Teardrop sweetheart- (NY band debut album)
  • Apples in Stereo- New magnetic wonder
  • Sunset rubdown - Random spirit lover- (Sounds like the Arcade fire)
  • The shins- Wincing the night away.
  • A sunny day in Glasgow- Scribble Mural Comic Journal-(strange, fresh and never boring)

Duly noted:

  • Elliot Smith- New Moon - (postumous album with leftovers of Smith's work). Collectors item.
  • Jens Lekman-Night falls over kortedala-A disappointing shadow of the last album. Lame.
  • Modest mouse- we were dead before the ship even sank- another disappointing album
  • Amy Winehouse- Back to black- Overrated hyped album. No good.
  • Wilco. Sky blue sky. (Sorry, I never liked their folky flavour)

There are also the ones I did not listen to yet but are on the shelf: Shout Out louds, Spoon, Bright eyes, Liars, Paramore, Menomena.



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