U want one of this...

U now you want to have/give one of those for Christmas this year:

Little Red Riding Hood Goes Green. Capuchinho vermelho torna-se verde.

Livros de Pintar?? Isso é pra totós.. Só se for do Kandinsky.

Livros sobre bichos. Paul Klee dá-lhes uma nova perspectiva.

Remember Hypotrochoids - A family of curves you can generate using one circle rotating inside another circle- once you could buy a generating set from Indian street vendors ( Ya, os monhés agora são todos qué fró e não vendem nada para matemáticos). Well they´re hype again.

The art book for Children Vol. 2 is finally out.

Harry is quite dead. And a proper blue for any hanged guy. Indulge you or give it to ur ex. (Harry loves to be punched!)

Ps- I do not sell any of this stuff.
Ps2- Why is this written in Portlish (Half Portuguese Half English)? Because I want !


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