Web 2.0

Nobody knows what it is nor were it is going, but it for sure includes social networks like myspace and facebook for occidentals or Daum and cyworld for Asians. In itself an entire revolution in the way we relate with others in the particular case of Myspace it also changed the way musicians and public interact (who did not listen/buy music from a Myspace page yet?). The more serious LinkedIn is a professional social network and Glee is a popular gay/lesbian social network.

Never mind the hyped Youtube and Joost and go for the real thing: Whatever comes out of the Google labs: Try google Gears for an offline online experience and Google Grandcentral to manage your calls on multiple phones.
Encyclopedic Information and dictionaries in a click and for free, using Wikipedia and sites like answers.com and wikianswers.com. Wikis are open cooperative environments that changed the way we give/get information about a subject.

Web 2.0 also brings new models of business. Incredible how a global thing like the internet can act so locally... Using virtual communities like Etsy you can buy and sell your handmade goods. From art prints to jewels there is everything. This is not even an incentive to the local shop it is an incentive to the small creative entrepeneur. Or take Lulu, a self-publishing service for books that also promotes your book.

Thus, it seems that the web 2.0 is mostly about sharing, cooperating and networking on a global level. But there is also a strong component that is connected only with each individual, leaving no space for interaction with others: choice. You chose what to write on you Blog or Vlog, you choose your tags and you choose your RSS feeds.

I still don't know what web 2.0 is but i have used all of the above stuff and i can't wait for the 3.0 version!



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